Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures 

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Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures 

Best Six Yoga Asana for High Blood Pressure 


  1. Balasana
  2. Bhujangasana
  3. Bridge Pose
  4. Padahastasana
  5. Shavasana
  6. Viparita Karni


Let us know how to do this  yoga asana to reduce high blood pressure.

30% of the world’s population is suffering from high blood pressure. In this, the arterial blood pressure rises, due to which the fear of reading a heart attack remains high. And sometimes even that person dies.


When suffering from high blood pressure, people take many types of medicines.

Obesity, stress, smoking, all these are the reasons for high blood pressure.


High blood pressure patients are at higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Yoga is done to control high blood pressure, as well as yoga sun is very important to reduce high blood pressure, it can reduce your hard blood pressure. It does and eliminates the tension that is in your body.

 He turns away from yoga.


So let us know how we cure those who have high blood pressure disease with these asanas and how these asanas are done.


  1. Balasana-


Child pose is beneficial for high blood pressure patients. It gives you relief from some diseases. Balasan helps in reducing high blood pressure in high blood pressure patients.

Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures 
Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures


Method of doing Balasan:


  1. To do Balasan, sit on your yoga mat or ground in Brajasan.
  2. Now while breathing in, lift both the hands directly above the head. You don’t have to join your palms.
  3. Tilt forward adding latitude.
  4. Then keep bending forward until your palms rest on the ground.
  5. Now rest the head on the ground.
  6. Slowly stretch the whole body forward.
  7. Now you are in the posture of Balasan, relax the whole body and slowly inhale and exhale.
  8. Join the fingers of both the hands together. Between these two, you should keep your head down.
  9. Now keep the head straight in the middle of both the palms.
  10. One can stay in Balasan for 30 seconds to 10 minutes.



Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures 
Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures
  1. Lie down on the ground on your stomach. Keep both your palms near the Jaggu towards the ground.
  2. After this, bring both your hands equal to the shoulder.
  3. Now by giving weight on your palms, while inhaling backwards, pull your waist backwards.
  4. Keep in mind that both your hands are straight.
  5. After this, pull your head backwards and at the same time take your chest forward. Pull the head like a snake’s hood.
  6. You can stay in Bhujangasana position for 30 to 40 seconds.
  7. When you reach the position of Bhujangasana, slowly take a long deep breath and slowly exhale a long deep breath.
  8. After continuous practice, you can do Bhujangasana for 2 minutes.
  9. To release this posture, slowly bring your hands back to the side. Rest your head on the floor. Keep your hands under your head.
  10. Now relax your whole body.


  1. Method of doing Bridge Pose-

Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures 
Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures
  1. Lie down on the floor and bend both your legs. Bring your ankles close to your buttocks.
  2. Now slowly grip the ankle joint.
  3. Now keep your thighs and inner legs parallel.
  4. Now while inhaling slowly, push your sticks and waist upwards.
  5. If you are unable to grip the ankle joint, then keep your hands upside down on the ground and push your body upwards with the support of the ground. 
  6. Stay in this position for 10 to 20 seconds.
  7. Do this pose two to three times.
  8. You can hold this position continuously for 1 or 2 minutes.
  9. By doing this asana, your waist and high blood pressure are reduced.
  10. Now slowly bring your body to the ground and relax.


  1. Method of doing Padahastasana-

Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures 
Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures
  1. Stand straight on the yoga mat and keep both hands on the hips.
  2. Make the knees soft while inhaling the breath.
  3. First of all, while inhaling, raise both your hands up.
  4. Now while exhaling, bring the hands towards the ground and bend forward.
  5. Try to bend down slowly.
  6. In the beginning, you can practice it gradually.
  7. Do not put too much pressure on your body.
  8. Now slowly while filling the breath come upwards.
  9. And slowly take a long breath and release it.
  10. Practice this two to three times.


  1. Method of doing Shavasana-

Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures 
Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures
  1. Lie down on your back on a yoga mat. Relax your whole body with ease.
  2. Close both your eyes softly.
  3. Slowly take long deep breaths and exhale deeply.
  4. Separately separate both the legs, keeping in mind that you are completely relaxed and both the toes of your feet are bent towards the side.
  5. Keep your hands along your body but at a small distance.
  6. Now slowly focus on each part of your body. And take a long deep breath and a long deep exhale.
  7. As soon as you feel lazy, yawn, speed up your breathing.
  8. If you feel sleepy while doing this asana, then you can also do Tadasana while sleeping.
  9. Keep the pace of breathing slow but deep. It will slowly start relaxing you completely.
  10. If thoughts come to your mind, then you should maintain concentration on health.


  1. Method of doing the opposite (VipritKarni)-

Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures 
Yoga for High Blood Pressure with Pictures
  1. To do this asana, first of all, you should lay 1 mat on the ground and lie down on your back.
  2. First of all, relax your whole body.
  3. Then slowly straighten both your legs towards the sky.
  4. During this, only 70% of your body should be upwards.
  5. While doing this asana, your hands will remain on the lower part of your waist.
  6. By doing this asana, your balance will remain completely.
  7. Keep your face slightly backwards.
  8. Now only after holding up for a while, the ray should come back to the position slowly.
  9. You can do this asana twice in the beginning, then gradually you can do it two to three times.
  10. Now slowly relax your whole body and take long deep breaths and long exhalations.


Patients of high blood pressure should always do all these asanas. But whenever we do any asana before we should ask the doctor once. So before doing any of these asanas, you must consult another doctor. By doing all these asanas, high blood pressure is reduced.


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