What is HIV/AIDS- An essential information on causes and prevention

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What is HIV/AIDS- An essential information on causes and prevention


AIDS is a disease that occurs due to the introduction of HIV into the body. In people who become infected with AIDS, there is a lot of weakness in their body, due to which there is a loss of blood in their body, frequent fever, Diseases like dizziness, thin, thin stools, etc., start arising in the body. AIDS is a dreadful disease for which there is very little cure. To avoid AIDS, avoid making contact with many people.


Can you get AIDS from Kissing-


AIDS is never spread by kissing. Nor does it spread by eating together. AIDS is always spread by having sex with as many women as possible with as many men as possible. It is a disease that cannot be cured once. His death is inevitable.


How did AIDS start-

How did AIDS start
How did AIDS start

AIDS was identified in 1981 when Michael Gottlieb, a Los Angeles doctor, found a different type of pneumonia in five patients. In 1986, for the first time, the AIDS virus got the name HIV, i.e., Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).


Can you survive AIDS now –

Can you survive AIDS now
Can you survive AIDS now

Once a disease like AIDS enters the body. So avoiding it is not only possible but impossible. That’s why to prevent AIDS.


  1. Do not have sex with other than your spouse.
  2. Whenever you have sex, do it with protection like a condom.
  3. Whenever there is a need for blood, and you take blood, then get that blood tested whether it is of an AIDS-infected person.
  4. When you take blood in your body from any person, then definitely check the needle from which someone else’s blood has been drawn.
  5. A pregnant woman who has AIDS should not give milk to her child. Because the baby can also get infected by feeding.
  6. Prevention of AIDS is its most extensive remedy.


What are the five stages of AIDS-


There are five main stages of AIDS infection – unprotected sex, exchange of blood, and transmission from mother to child; these are the five causes of AIDS due to which AIDS is spread. AIDS is one of the biggest health problems of the present era. Most diseases are cured, but there is no cure for this disease. For the first time, the virus of AIDS disease was found in a special species of monkey of Africa and from there it spread all over the world. We must stop the spread of AIDS.


AIDS full form -acquired immune deficiency syndrome.


Causes of aids –


  • AIDS is spread by taking blood from an infected person.
  • AIDS is most commonly spread through sexual relations.
  • AIDS is spread through a needle infected with a donor’s blood.
  • There is also the problem of spreading AIDS in the child born to a pregnant mother.
  • AIDS is not spread through household problems such as eating, bathing, walking, holding hands, or kissing. Even eating food with false utensils does not spread AIDS.
  • The main reason for this is female movement, or male movement is the main reason for this disease.
  • People who contact many women or many men are more prone to AIDS than other people.
  • A single AIDS patient can kill 20 men through sexual intercourse with AIDS.
  • Its prevention is the most effective remedy.


Tips and precautions to avoid AIDS-


AIDS is a disease where the immune system is completely reduced, and our body stops working. When there is weakness in the body, there is no blood in the body, then the condition of the body worsens. To avoid this, avoid sexual relations. Until now, no cure has been found to prevent AIDS; all the treatments that have been found to date cannot cure AIDS.

Tips and precautions to avoid AIDS
Tips and precautions to avoid AIDS

Once infected with AIDS, the person’s death is inevitable. That is why do not have sex with anyone other than your husband; if you do, do it with protection.


Nowadays, so many diseases are spreading that people have started dying. AIDS is the most dangerous of these diseases. There is a cure for all other conditions, but there is no cure. That is why people should understand that avoid having relationships with lesser people or anyone other than their husbands.


Stay close to nature as much as possible. We should consume the balanced diet that we get from nature.

Consuming a balanced diet increases immunity. Take utmost care of your body; along with this, clean your body daily, and due to being clean, many diseases do not even come around us.


Stress, anxiety, cigarettes, bidi, alcohol, or intoxicants reduce the body’s immunity power. Always stay away from such things. The most significant disease arises in the body by consuming these things, the treatment of which is nothing but death.


Exercise daily.

Walk 3 to 5 km.


Take the received sunbath. And also get enough sleep of 8 hours. When our rest is complete, our mind relaxes, and our mind gets ready to do new tasks.


  • Do not use food that has come in contact with fire until it is completely cured.
  • Eat only sprouted grains, honey, milk, curd, green vegetables of the season, etc.
  • Apart from this, do not consume fast fruits too.
  • Avoid food made from outside.
  • Use more and more fruits and juices, which will increase the immunity power.
  • Such food should be consumed because the person who has AIDS his glands swell, and the food There are also white spots or wounds in the tube, due to which there is difficulty in eating food, and consuming more chili spices also causes a burning sensation.
  • That is why eat food without chili spices.
  • A big disease like AIDS can be avoided by taking care of all these things.


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