What are the three cleaning techniques in yoga

What are the three cleaning techniques in yoga

Clean the body from inside with these yoga activities.

We clean the body well from the outside but we do not clean the body from the inside. Along with the right diet, yoga can also prove to be helpful in internal cleansing. Body hygiene is very important.

It is important not only for yourself but also for the people around you.

Do Shatkarma for purification of the body and freedom from diseases –

Swami Ramdev Baba also tells that there are three types of doshas in our body, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which can happen to anyone in general, by practicing Shatkarma, you will get these friends. And can get freedom from other diseases.

It is very important to do yoga to keep the body healthy, but Shatkarma has its own importance. Yogis perform these actions. But even common people can do it easily. By doing Shat Karma, the body becomes clean and pure from inside and also gets purified from outside. Toxic substances from the body come out. In this, the body is detoxed in 6 ways.

  1. Rubber Neti Kriya
  2. Jal Neti Kriya
  3. Jal Dhauti Kriya
  4. Vasti Kriya
  5. Nauli Kriya
  6. Tratak Kriya
  1. Method of Jal Neti Kriya-

By using salty water in Jal Neti, there is blood in the district inside the nose. flow increases. Nasal cleaning is done in Jalneti. If someone has any problem like cold, cold, sinus etc., then water policy gets it right. Water policy also protects you from pollution. Water policy can be done anytime of the day. If someone has a cold, it can be done twice a day.

Jal Neti Kriya
Jal Neti Kriya
  1. Mix half a teaspoon of salt in half a liter of lukewarm water, fill this water in the UK, now you are sitting in Kagasan. Keep a distance of 2 feet from the gate between your two feet. Now see with your hand in which nostril the breath is coming and going. We have to do water policy from the nose from which the mother-in-law is coming fast.
  1. Now slowly bend forward, now pour water from the tube of the neti vessel in one of the nostrils. Add water slowly. During this keep the mouth open, do not breathe at all through the nose. This water should come out from the other nostril. Do the same process with the other nostril. After doing this process from both the holes, stand up straight and tilt the head down and keep exhaling as much water as is left in your nose.
  1. After doing the water policy, you take out all the water, while filling the breath, take both the hands up and leave them, the hands have bent the neck down to the waist and leave it loose, stay in this position for 2 minutes and then on the ground Sit down and lean forward.

Benefits of Jal Neti Kriya –

  1. By doing water policy, the respiratory system is fine. Whatever dirt is in the nose comes out, it gets cleaned completely. Those who find it difficult to breathe, they must do water policy.
  1. Water policy is also very useful for asthma. It cleans the nose, which removes respiratory problems, chronic cold, asthma, breathing problems.
  1. Removes the trouble related to the eye. Cures ear and throat problems. Water policy is very beneficial in headache, insomnia, lethargy.
  1. Water policy is also very beneficial for migraine. By doing the water policy, the problem of the one whose brain hurts again and again, that problem goes away.
  1. Method of doing Nauli Kriya:

First of all, while spreading both the legs, bend the knees slightly and stand on the same place.

Now bring both your hands towards the front and keep both the hands on both the knees and thighs.

You have to keep in mind that there should be a little gap between both the legs, which is good for Nauli Kriya. The hands should remain on the knees.

Nauli Kriya
Nauli Kriya

You should practice Uddiyanabandha first. While exhaling, inflate the stomach repeatedly and stick the stomach inwards.

Now practice the right-left Nauli Kriya on both sides of the stomach. For this, by putting emphasis on the right palm, bring the nauli to the right side and by putting emphasis on the left palm, move the nauli to the left and right of the stomach.

Keep in mind that all the actions of Nauli Kriya are done while exhaling.

Benefits of Nauli Kriya:

  1. By doing Nauli Kriya regularly, major diseases like constipation are also removed. Obesity is reduced by doing Nauli Kriya.
  1. Menstrual disorders are removed in women.
  1. By doing Nauli Kriya regularly, the person feels more hungry. For example, a person who does not feel hungry, he starts feeling hungry.
  1. A disease like air ball does not wander even nearby.
  1. By doing Nauli Kriya, gas acidity ends from the root. Along with this, the abdominal muscles are strengthened. And the abdominal muscles become flexible.
  1. Nauli Kriya is very beneficial for the intestines.
  1. It cures urinary disorders. And get rid of the problem of frequent urination.
  1. Method of doing Jal Dhoti Kriya (Kunjal Kriya):

Mix one teaspoon of salt in 2 liters of hot water (400 centigrade). Stand up straight and drink all the water from one glass after another rapidly. Lean forward a bit. Press the lower part of the stomach with the left hand and insert the middle (right hand) fingers of the ring finger deep into the throat. Also, take out the tongue so that vomiting comes. 

Kunjal Kriya
Kunjal Kriya

By doing this it does not take even 1 minute and all the water comes out. If the water does not come out by inserting the fingers, then put your thumb upside down and apply it on the soles and with a little pressure, all the water will come out. Your stomach becomes completely clean by doing this action.

Those who have a major disease like ulcer should not do this action. Due to any disease related to the stomach, they should also not do this.

Benefits of doing Vastikriya:

It has beneficial effects on high acidity, anti-energy and asthma. It also destroys the smell of pigs. You can do this action twice a week. By doing this action, you do not get any stomach related disease. By doing this action, your stomach becomes soft.

Before doing any of these actions, you should ask the doctor or yoga guru because all these actions are not done without anyone seeing it. So before doing any of these actions, you must ask your yoga guru. Thank you.


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