Yoga for beginners 12 easy poses


Doing this asana, the length increases, the joints of the hands are open. There is a glow in the face, flexibility in the body increases.

Tadasana Method

Stand straight, both the legs are connected together, grip the fingers of both the hands in each other, while inhaling, move the hands up, and come on the toes, lift the ankles. and fold for 10 seconds.


Doing this asana, the waist becomes flexible. Back pain is cured.

Katichkrasana Method

Stand up straight, join both the hands with both the legs connected, now while inhaling slowly, push the waist forward and look backward while turning the neck backwards, hold for 3 seconds Then slowly while exhaling, lean forward.


Doing this asana, Thai muscles become strong. The waist becomes flexible. Diseases like sugar BP are cured.

Ustrasana Method

First of all, stand on the knees, now while inhaling slowly, place one hand on the heels on the back side, push the waist forward, make the neck backward, in this position Hold for 5 seconds, then slowly lean forward.


Doing this asana, back pain is removed. This asana is beneficial for headache. Increases eyesight.Hold for 5 seconds, then slowly lean forward.

Dhanurasana Method

To do this asana, first lie down on the stomach, fold both the legs from behind, grip the ankle joint, now while inhaling, raise the chest and legs upwards, fold for 5 seconds. Do it then relax.


Flexibility increases by doing this asana. There is proper circulation of blood in the body. Those who have back pain should not do this asana.

Paschimottanasana Method

First of all, sitting on the ground, spread both the legs forward, the heels should be together, while inhaling, raise both the hands, while exhaling, hold both the legs, touch the nose between both the knees. , and hold for 5 seconds.


Doing this asana, the muscles of the back become flexible and strong. Those who have pain in their feet should not do this asana.

Padmasana Method

First of all, sit comfortably on the ground. Now slowly place the left foot on the thigh of the right foot, now place the right foot on the thigh of the left foot, and hold for 10 seconds.