What are the 7 Types of Mental Health Disease


It is a disease by which a person becomes mentally ill. 2 out of 20 people have this disease.


Being mentally healthy is very important for a person, if a person is not mentally healthy then a thousand diseases arise in his body.


Through yoga we can become mentally healthy. The most important thing for mental health is to practice yoga.


To stay mentally healthy, wake up early in the morning every day to do pranayama, by doing pranayama the mind remains calm and the mind works well. Pranayama keeps a person healthy both inside and out.


Due to mental illness, a person becomes irritable, when he does not eat, drink and sleep, his mind keeps running here and there throughout the day.


Due to being mentally disturbed, a person gradually starts becoming physically ill and the body also starts becoming thin.


A person who is not physically healthy, his hair starts falling gradually, that is why it is very important to do yoga and pranayama every day to take care of his body.