What are the 6 Types of Mental Health  Conditions List

Anxiety Disorder

People who suffer from nervousness get nervous over small things, and because of which they start sweating. Their heartbeat also starts beating faster and this condition is anxiety disorder.

Mood disorder

In this condition the mood of the person changes frequently. In this way, getting lost in the mood is also a kind of depression which increases with time. In this type of depression, the person does not feel like anything.

Impulse Control and Addiction Disorder

In this condition the person falls into some kind of addiction which he does not know to give up and he needs that thing in any condition. Like beedi, cigarette, gutka etc., a person needs this thing in any condition after getting addicted to them.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In this condition the person starts having inappropriate thoughts as well as he starts feeling afraid. And he repeats the same thing over and over again.

Personality Disorder

In this condition people consider themselves to be right in everything. They always find their feelings and behavior right.

Tic Disorder

People who are affected by tic disorder are prone to sudden things. Like those people who suddenly stand up on hearing a sound or are scared of something.