Rebel Wilson  Weight Loss 2022


Rebel Wilson used to run for an hour every day, along with running, she also did jumping jacks and other exercises.


Rebel Wilson used to drink at least 5 to 6 liters of water a day, so that when the weight happens quickly. Due to the high amount of water in the body, there is less appetite and the body remains full of energy throughout the day.


Rebel Wilson used to do heavy workouts along with running. To make a body like Rebel Wilson, it is very important to workout in the morning and evening.


Diet- First of all he left fast food and started eating light food. Within a month, he lost 10 to 12 kg.


Before running in the morning, mixing half a teaspoon of lemon in a glass of warm water, she used to drink daily. By doing this, the extra fat in the body gets removed quickly. You can also do your weight loss easily by doing the same.


Rebel Wilson had included green vegetables, curd, cheese and fruits in her diet plan. Whenever she feels hungry, she consumes green vegetables. Even today the biggest secret of her body being so fit is that Even today, she takes great care of her food and drink.


Rebel Wilson used to fast once a week and even today she stays from morning till evening without eating anything. Fasting leads to quick weight loss and at the same time brings glow on the face.


Rebel Wilson consumes juice three to four times a day, due to which they feel less hungry and there is no shortage of protein in the body.