If you want to keep your body fit - Do Peloton Yoga these asanas today


First of all, make a distance in both the legs, slowly straightening both the hands and bend the right side, by doing this asana the waist becomes flexible.


To do this asana, lie down on the back, keep both hands near the shoulder, bend both the knees, now while inhaling, pull the stomach and waist text upwards and straighten the shoulder

Chair Pose

Keep a gap of shoulder level in both the legs, now slowly come to the chair pose and straighten both the hands.


Lie down on your stomach, applying on both the hands and come to the position of the mountain.

Yoga Pose

Straighten the arm by bending the left leg, keep in mind that the hands will be straight from the shoulder.

Nataraja Asana

Bend the right leg and lift it up with the right hand while gripping the toes of the right foot and lean forward slightly.

Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Keep the left foot in the middle of both the hands, take the right foot back, looking up, straighten the waist and bring both the hands up and bring them in the salutation posture.