How to Prevent  Prostate Cancer


What is prostate cancer- Prostate cancer is divided into two types, 1. Aggressive or aggressive it grows rapidly. 2. Non Aggressive- It grows slowly. Over time, prostate cancer grows either very rapidly or very slowly. And it spreads to all areas of the body.


Age of prostate cancer- This disease occurs in men above 60 to 69 years. Elderly out of every 14 people, there is a possibility of this disease.


Diet plan- Keep eating small meals from time to time, take fruits and salads in most of your meals. Go for low fat and calorie options.


Practice of Yoga- The best way to eliminate prostate cancer is to practice yoga every day. Most of the diseases can be cured by the practice of yoga. Yoga can be practiced anytime in the morning or evening.


Meditation- Do meditation after yoga, by doing meditation, energy develops in the body, lungs and bones of the body are strengthened. The mind remains calm, the body develops.


Prostate cancer- Elderly elders should take care of this cancer, because this cancer is found most in the elderly, do yoga daily to avoid this cancer.


Pranayama- By doing pranayama, the lungs and bones of the body become strong, as well as the circulation of blood in the body is done properly. Blocked bones start working again. That's why do maximum pranayama.