How to Make Face Glow in Minutes using 10 Tips

Applying Ice

Applying ice makes the face clean and beautiful. Applying ice once a day brings glow to the face.

Turmeric and honey

Applying turmeric and honey on the face improves the face. The face starts glowing more than before.

Turmeric and honey Method

First of all, mix half teaspoon turmeric and half teaspoon honey together, now slowly apply on your face, after 15 minutes wash your face with normal policy. Keep in mind that after washing the face, apply only clarified butter.


Milk is used to remove the dirt from the face. By applying raw cow's milk on your face, dark circles and spots are removed.

Milk Method

First of all take raw milk and cotton, now slowly apply milk on your face, after applying it well on the whole face, leave it for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes slowly cold water Wash your face with it, be careful not to use soap after applying it.


Washing your face with cold water at least 5 times a day makes the face glow more. The accumulated dirt in the face comes out and the face looks more beautiful and bright than before.

AloeVera Gel, Lemon & Honey

Using aloe vera gel, lemon and honey on your face, the face looks brighter.

AloeVera Gel, Lemon & Honey

First of all take one spoon aloe vera gel, half spoon lemon juice and half spoon honey, now mix these three together and apply on your face after 5 minutes wash your face with cold water.

Hot water

Drinking a glass of warm water in the morning never gets wrinkles in the face. Dark circles also reduce gradually.

Calabash juice

Drinking bottle Calabash juice once a day reduces wrinkles on the face and also leads to weight loss.