Best 7 Yoga for Hernia in 2022

Viprit Karni

Lie on the back and raise both the legs 90 degrees, now place both the hands on the hip and lift and hold


Lie down on the stomach, keep both hands near the chest, now while inhaling, move the waist and neck backwards.


Fold the right leg and place it on the left leg, now while raising the right hand, take the left hand from below, now grip both the hands and look in front.


Stand on the knees, place one hand on the back of the heel and push the hip forward.


Stand in the position of Sampadasana, now grip the fingers of both the hands and while inhaling, take them up and hold them, come on the toes of the feet, lift the ankles.


Bend both the knees and sit on the ankles and hold.


Make a distance between both the legs, now slowly while inhaling both the hands, bring one hand up and one hand down and hold.