8 yoga postures for pregnant women


First of all, lie down on the back and fold both the legs, now keep both the hands near the heels and slowly raise your waist and hold

Namaskar Asana

Stand with both feet together, bring both hands in front of the chest and do Namaskar, close both eyes and hold.


Joint both the feet, grip the fingers of both the hands in each other, now while inhaling, raise both the hands up and come on the toes, lift the ankles.


Make a distance in both the feet, now band both the feet, while breathing slowly, move the hands up and hold.


Stand up straight, put your hands on the waist and bend backwards

Butterfly Asana

Sit on the ground, join the soles of both the feet together and do butterfly operation


Stand on both the knees, now slowly place each hand on the ankles behind and move the hip joint forward and hold.


Sit on the ankles, bring the hands in the salutation posture and fold