Tanya Burr Reveals How She Lost Weight

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Tanya Burr Reveals How She Lost Weight

Today our topic is how Tanya Burr weight loss so Tanya Burr has shown off her slender figure as she steps out in London wearing skinny jeans and a simple black top. But how has the YouTube star lost weight without dieting? The 25-year-old, who shot to fame through her make-up tutorials, has previously revealed that she follows the 5:2 diet, which allows her to eat what she wants for five days of the week and cut back to 1,000 calories on the other two days. This gives her 2,500 calories a week, compared with an average woman’s recommended daily intake of 2,000 calories.

What she eats

Tanya eats small and often to maintain her weight, including lots of beans, green veggies and rice. Her three main meals are a bowl of cereal for breakfast (she likes Total), an apple at lunchtime and either roast chicken or pasta for dinner. She also snacks on nuts and dried fruit throughout the day. But Tanya does not count calories or weigh herself. I think if you do that then you become obsessed with your weight, she says. I don’t want to end up in some cycle where I’m constantly obsessed with my diet. Instead, she eats when she’s hungry, doesn’t eat when she’s not hungry – and never feels guilty about it.

What she drinks

Tanya told new! that she drinks Diet Coke to avoid consuming too many calories, explaining: I don’t drink alcohol because I don’t want to put any more calories in my body. I just try to make sure everything is measured out and have a really balanced diet. And that means no sugary desserts or sweet treats for Tanya, as well. I was never big on sugar in general, she says. It was always something I didn’t like. To satisfy her sweet tooth without piling on extra calories, Tanya indulges with healthy chocolate options instead of traditional sweets. And because her guilty pleasure is popcorn, Tanya makes sure to watch how much butter she adds so it doesn’t blow her calorie count for the day sky high.

Her workout routine

Although Burr wasn’t able to reveal her exact workouts, she did say that they are focused on resistance training and interval training. I do lots of weight training but I also like my cardiovascular, so I mix it up a lot, she says. Resistance work helps build muscle which burns more calories than fat and is important for shaping and building a healthy figure. Interval training—such as sprinting for 30 seconds then walking for two minutes—can help increase energy levels throughout the day, burning extra calories in just one session. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) may be even better than cardio workouts such as running because HIIT uses quick movements that target fat at its source in our bodies.

What she looks at before going to bed

When I’m going to bed, I make sure to check my emails, phone and social media accounts. It’s an easy way to stay on top of what is going on in your business and it will help you sleep better knowing that you did all you could during your waking hours. It’s also important to stick to a routine before bedtime as it helps with jet lag and feeling rested. I try and do everything before 8pm so I can relax more easily at night!

Tanya Burr age

I stopped counting my age for a long time, she told Mail Online. The idea of aging is really weird because obviously you are getting older but it doesn’t matter. I try not to think about it and say ‘I’m going to try and be 25 forever!’ It doesn’t matter how old you are – people love to put you in these boxes but they don’t realise that they themselves are constantly changing too.

Tanya Burr instagram

Losing weight can be a minefield and more than half of us set ourselves New Year’s resolutions that we quickly abandon. So it’s no surprise that popular YouTube vlogger Tanya Burr recently said she wouldn’t set herself a weight loss target for 2016, but instead wanted to focus on getting fit and healthy.

Tanya Burr quits youtube

For months, fans have been speculating over Tanya Burr’s weight loss. The YouTube star has appeared significantly slimmer in recent pictures – and though she has attributed it to a ‘health kick’ before, she has finally revealed her little secret. I had started a new diet but I didn’t feel great on it, said Tanya. So I got back to my original diet – which is basically just eating proper food.

Tanya Burr makeup

Tanya Burr has shared her weight loss secrets with fans. The Youtuber, who just revealed she’s ditched dieting and doesn’t count calories anymore, has said it is all down to exercise. Tanya recommends people try Tabata-style workouts because they have a positive impact on your well-being.

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