Is there guided meditation for anger over a baseball team losing a game

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Is there guided meditation for anger over a baseball team losing a game


Topic: Is there guided meditation for anger over a baseball team losing a game so It is a complex emotion in itself. And many people get very angry. He gets angry again and again and is unable to control his anger. People who are associated with sports also get angry more, which is justified to get angry when a baseball team loses a game because our mind relaxes for a while due to anger, but for once our mind becomes very hot. goes. Our blood moves faster when we get angrier, that’s why we turn red in anger.


Anger is an energy that is neither good nor bad. Anger also comes to us only when we connect with that anger. So today we will learn about how meditation can turn anger before it gets out of control or becomes destructive.


Meditation for Anger-


Meditation is used when anger comes. With the use of meditation for anger, gradually we can avoid getting angry. By using meditation daily, our mind remains calm. We should always take long deep breaths. The person who takes long deep breaths never gets angry. Anger ruins our relationship. Distance from others becomes more, so keep in mind that always control anger. And you can control this anger easily through meditation. So let us know today how anger is controlled through meditation.


Guided Meditation for Anger When a Baseball Team Loses a Game


  1. Meditation on Deep Breaths-


You sit on your mat in Sukhasan. Close both your eyes softly and take a long deep breath and a long deep exhale. Now put your full attention on your in and out-breath. Watch your breathing. Look inside yourself. You have to do this meditation every morning for 10 minutes. You can also do this at night before sleeping. By doing this meditation daily, your anger will end from the root. You will always be calm. Taking a few deep breaths will give you instant relief from anger. And whenever you feel angry, close both your eyes and start taking long deep breaths and exhalations. if meditation for anger so You will stop getting angry in no time.


  1. Pranayama reduces anger (meditation for anger)-


Pranayama like Bhastrika and Nadi Shodhana every morning helps in reducing restlessness in the mind. When the mind is calm, there is less chance of getting angry. Whenever you do Bhastrika or Nadi Shodhana which is Pranayama, learn it from a yoga teacher only. You will get more benefits from learning from a yoga teacher.

To do Bhastrika Pranayama, first, sit comfortably on the mat in Sukhasana and close both eyes. Now take a breath with a jerk and let go of the thought with a jerk. Keep doing this action for 20 seconds. Then gradually increase its time.


  1. Meditating on your body-


The best action is for anger. Meditate and exercise. It is very important to wake up every morning and do 15 minutes of exercise. After exercising in the morning, lie down on your back on your mat. Now close both your eyes. Concentrate on the whole body from the thumb to the head. First focus on your whole feet, then focus on your hands, focus on your chest, focus on your face, and in this way focus on the whole body. Repeat this process for 10 minutes. Then slowly open your eyes and sit down. You will never get angry by doing this action.


  1. Walk around in the morning-


Waking up early every morning makes your mind more relaxed. Along with this, you are also eager to work. Waking up early every morning keeps your mind calm. To relax your mind, go to the park every morning.


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