How Yoga Changed My Body Before and After

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How Yoga Changed My Body Before and After


When I started yoga, there were many problems in my body which I needed to fix. Given the option of doing yoga to increase weight, he said that by doing yoga, when you will lose weight quickly, flexibility will improve in your body.

Whenever we do yoga, our body becomes perfect from inside as well as from outside. That is why after doing yoga asanas, when we do it for the first time in our body, there is a slight stretch and then gradually our body comes in shape.

So let us read about the change that has come about yoga in my body today-

How Yoga Changed My Body Before and After
How Yoga Changed My Body Before and After


  1. By doing yoga, my body has changed in 5 months- 

I have been doing regular yoga for the last 5 months, I never thought that my body would change so quickly. First I did complete research about yoga, then I thought of doing yoga for an hour everyday, then gradually whatever problem I had in my body started getting cured.


  1. Flexibility in the body-

By doing yoga, my body gradually started gaining flexibility, which I could not do earlier. In the initial days, I did it comfortably today. By doing asanas, my muscles soon become flexible. That’s why the pain and stiffness in my muscles started decreasing.


  1. Daily Practice-

When I started practicing daily then there was no disease of any kind in my body. My fat also reduced.


  1. Some of my favorite yoga –

When I started doing yoga, I gradually started doing asanas and I found many asanas like Ustrasana, Chakrasana, Setubandha asana, Halasana, Paschimottanasana which I could not do earlier, now I can do it comfortably Am. All these postures have become my favorite asanas.

How Yoga Changed My Body Before and After
How Yoga Changed My Body Before and After


  1. Can Yoga Change Your Shape –

shape changes quickly and I have also realized that earlier my body was very fat, my body size was bigger by doing yoga the size of my body Slowly it started decreasing. Yoga has the ability to develop muscle tone and build flexibility. By doing yoga the body appears lean.


  1. How Yoga Makes You Slim-

Yes, you can take the help of yoga for weight loss. As much as I have read, it has been said that yoga lowers the level of stress hormones and increases this sensibility


  1. Improves mental concentration –

Your body and mind will get used to working together In breathing and looking within. This is a time when you are completely focused on your body and your mind is busy helping the body. You will learn to leave worries and conflicting thoughts off the mat.


  1. You Lose Weight Without Dieting- 

Then first of all you should start doing yoga slowly. Exercise for an hour in the morning. This will result in rapid weight loss in your body. Keep eating what you are eating, it will not make any difference in your body, just do not eat anything outside. You will be able to lose weight at a safe slow pace and you will see how fit your body has become. You use your own body weight to build your muscles.

How Yoga Changed My Body Before and After
How Yoga Changed My Body Before and After


  1. Body fit done in 4 months –

When I started doing yoga regularly and under the guidance of a proper yoga instructor, I kept seeing the results of yoga. I lost 30 kgs in just 4 months. By doing asanas daily for 1 hour, I made my body fit.


  1. What yoga does for the mind and body-

Practicing yoga over a long period of time will help you reap the most benefits and improve your overall health. Because it only takes a few minutes each day, you can find a routine that works for you. By doing yoga for a long time, your health related diseases go away. Due to which many changes take place in the body.


  1. Reduces stress Yoga- 

By doing yoga asanas, the tension in our body is reduced, by practicing yoga daily, the stretch of our body gets removed. Our body becomes free from stress, there is no tension of any kind in the body.


  1. Removes Insomnia Yoga-

Before doing yoga, I could not sleep at night, now I have started getting sleep after doing yoga every day. The disease towards my body has been cured. Yoga helps prevent insomnia by relieving the stress that keeps your body awake at night. and improves overall health.

There have been many changes in my body by doing yoga. I would ask everyone to do yoga regularly. By doing yoga, the stress of our body is reduced. Flexibility increases in our body. Our body fat is reduced. Many diseases which we have created due to laziness in our body, all those diseases get away by doing yoga.


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