How to relieve ear pressure from covid

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How to relieve ear pressure from covid


Coronavirus pandemic-


Today our topic is: ear pressure from covid so Coronavirus has caused havoc across the world. Around 75 lakh people have died worldwide due to coronavirus and more than 37 crore people have been affected by the virus and this figure is still increasing. In this, the worst condition has been done by Omicron variant, (Covid omicron variant). Due to this virus, the situation of third-wave remains.


The symptoms of coronavirus are cough, fever, cold, sore throat, fatigue, headache and back pain, back pain, etc. in patients of Covid-19. Coronavirus is increasing day by day. People have lost their lives due to coronavirus.


Due to Corona, the sound of whispering is coming into the ears-

Due to Corona, the sound of whispering is coming into the ears-
Due to Corona, the sound of whispering is coming into the ears-

Coronavirus attacks the lungs and affects our breathing system. Strange symptoms are also being seen due to coronavirus. Due to this many diseases are arising. Many people are hearing less because of this and there is a buzzing sound in the ear.


What is covid ear


The tissue inside the human ear contains proteins. Due to this strange sounds are heard in the ears in Covid-19. In medical language, it is known as tinnitus.


Tinnitus common problem among the side effects of coronavirus-


In Coronavirus, doctors believe that it is common for those who have been cured to hear the sound of hum in their ears as well. Some people may also feel symptoms related to the heart.


Remedies to relieve ear pressure from Covid-


To remove ear pressure from Covid, do yoga every morning. Do Surya Namaskar daily. To avoid Covid, do Pranayama every morning. Most important in Pranayama is Anulom Vilom, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika Pranayama, you have to do all these Pranayama every morning. There is no better cure than yoga to cure Covid-19. By using it every morning and evening, you can avoid Covid.


Make sure to use meditation every morning and evening. Whatever these are the experiments, if you do all these experiments, then pranayama is most important for those who have pain in their ears in Covid-19, those who have trouble breathing.


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