How to Get Rid of all Diseases using Meditation Techniques in 2022

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How to Get Rid of all Diseases using Meditation Techniques in 2022




How to get rid of all diseases using meditation techniques Meditation may seem like a simple practice, but there are several different types of Meditation. One type is used for stress relief. There are many other ways that Meditation can help your mind and body: relaxation, better sleep, and weight loss. This post will discuss how you can use various types of Meditation to reduce or eliminate medical conditions or injuries.


How to Get Rid of all Diseases

Use of Yoga on Illness We will divide this Meditation into two parts. In the first part, we will take rays from God and give it to every aspect of the whole body so that whatever disease is there, it gradually calms down, and recovery is faster. And in the second part, as in the Murli, whatever disease or karma bhog we have, it is the account of previous births, so by apologizing, we will lighten this account. Let’s get started.


Position yourself in the middle of the head; I am a point of light in the form of soul light. Concentrate completely pure yourself in this spiritual state. I am feeling very light as if this body is not there; I will see the soul in the form of light in front of the eyes of the intellect. In the supreme abode, the light of our Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva, in the form of unbroken sunshine, may flow from the divine form of Shiva, my soul. Is absorbed, you will feel that the holy golden light is being absorbed into my soul by the divine Shiva; slowly, this light is spreading towards the brain, every cell of the brain is getting activated, and I am feeling very calm.

This golden light is coming out of my soul, down the neck, right shoulder, right hand, and left hand in the same way; slowly, this light is flowing into the whole spine behind my heart, lungs, stomach, and intestines. 


The golden flow of divine rays, due to which all the muscles in the front and back of the body are getting relaxed, feel relaxed.


This flow has slowly spread to my right foot, bottom heel, and fingers; in the same way, these golden holy rays have applied to the heel and fingers of the left foot, destroying every germ negativity of diseases.


I feel very calm and light, as if this body is not there; just like all the body diseases are getting destroyed in golden light, I am becoming completely healthy.


Now my soul has flown in the body of this light, crossed the moon and stars towards the sky, in the subtle world, Grandpa, father is giving me a boon in front of me. The green light of love is engulfing me.


My whole body of light has now turned green; I have become an embodiment of love. Directly in the subtle region, we invoke those souls, whom we have unknowingly caused sorrow in some of the other birth or maybe in this birth, have become the form of obstacles, problems, we will see that all those souls emerge in front of us. You will feel that all these souls are getting the light of love by Grandpa, Father by merging them in my soul. In the morning of this love, all these souls are getting satisfied. We are sincerely apologizing to them. These souls are giving us blessings in return.


Slowly, these souls have forgiven us entirely, and we are feeling very light.


We will emerge now to those souls who have consciously or unknowingly hurt us in some birth or maybe in this birth, have created problems for us, or have become obstructed in some other work; we are forgiving them from our heart.


All these souls are getting the rays of love from God by merging in my soul. According to the book of all these previous births, I am becoming a complete Light.


Can Meditation Help with diseases?


The scientific community has concluded that while there is a link between some types of meditative practices and specific health conditions, more research needs to be done before strong conclusions can be drawn. In other words, it’s probably not wise for someone with diabetes, for example, to rely solely on Meditation as their primary treatment approach. That said, preliminary studies suggest that meditative practices may prove helpful in relieving stress and anxiety associated with certain illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.


Can the body heal itself through Meditation?


Many people swear by its benefits. But can it cure illness? Researchers say so. They’ve found that Meditation can even help treat cancer. Studies suggest that just 10 minutes a day could cut your risk of heart disease in half and reduce chronic pain by up to 40 percent—and that’s not all. Research also shows there are other ways to harness our mind’s power over our body for healing.


What diseases can Meditation prevent?


Cardiovascular diseases, Hypertension, Gastric ulcer, Osteoporosis, Migraine headache and even aids. These are illnesses that impact millions of people around the world. But not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a disease-free body. Most if not all humans suffer from health complications at some point. Meditation is one way we can ensure our body stays healthy to live out our natural lifespan.


Can you heal faster with Meditation?


It’s no secret that Meditation can relieve stress and improve mood. Some types of Meditation have also been shown to reduce inflammation, which may help prevent chronic disease. However, according to Harvard Medical School experts, a recent study reveals it may be able to do considerably more, including promoting speedier surgery healing. The Journal of Neuroscience published their work online.


Does Meditation change brain structure?


During a recent study conducted at Emory University, researchers discovered that even eight weeks of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) practices could change brain structure. These positive changes appeared in areas that are often referred to as the brain’s well-being network and suggest that these regions may be able to expand to accommodate positive experiences.


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