How are TUMAZ yoga products made? Is it sustainably made by recyclable goods and are non toxic?

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How are TUMAZ yoga products made? Is it sustainably made by recyclable goods and are non toxic?

Topic: How are TUMAZ yoga products made? Is it sustainably made by recyclable goods and are non toxic? so All the items of Yoga are made in many ways. And plastic is not used in them. In which yoga mat which is not made from plastic. Not all yoga mentors are created equal. In today’s era, we cannot use any object without knowing that object. 

Like nowadays we bring any cloth at home to wear and do not even think about what material that cloth is made of but all these things are taken care of in yoga. As I started Surya Namaskar, I bought a yoga mat near my house and started doing asanas on it. I came to know that no wrong material has been used in this yoga.

All Yoga products are made in other ways like Yoga Block, Yoga Met, Yoga Ball, Yoga Belt etc. And all these things are without plastic. Plastic is not used in all these and we can use them in many ways.

We can also use a yoga mat for sitting. And can also be used to keep some stuff, that’s why we can use all of them not in one way but in many ways. Apart from yoga, all the items of yoga are also useful for workouts. It is not necessary that everyone does yoga, even if some people do not do yoga, still they can use all these things in different ways and all these things are not made in a wrong way.


  1. Seven Chakra Kark Yoga Met

It is the job of a yoga mat to keep you safe when you hold a difficult posture. And this yoga mat is made from such fine material. If you meditate on this, then your mind does not wander here and there, it is written about the seven chakras in our body. It is made from such good material, on which we get comfort when sitting on it. At the same time, we can do yoga asanas, pranayama, mudras, and bandhas.


  1. Made of Yoga Block

Yoga Block customers also get strong, durable and non-slip support. which is more expensive. And it is a natural material. And it is obtained from the bark of cork oak. We know the natural product as the wine bottle closure. We can use yoga blocks in many ways.


  1. Yoga Block

Basically yoga is about the connection of body and mind. Although today many of the yoga is fixed. The three main components of yoga are asana, pranayama and meditation. To do all this, we need other items of yoga and all the products are made without any adulteration.

All the products are made with safety because all these products are also used by pregnant women. They do not have any problem with all these products, that is why all these products are made after thinking carefully. Yoga blocks, yoga mats, yoga belts, etc., are used to make a variety of things. We can easily take them home too.

To keep the yoga match score fresh for a long time, its material is well prepared not only for doing yoga but also for doing any type of exercise, all types of yoga are made in different ways but their material remains the same. Then it is of different rates.

Plastic is not used in yoga matches because it is also used by pregnant women and she does not have any problem, so it is made without plastic. Everything used in doing yoga is made with care.

All these tools are non-toxic, we can use them again. We can also use them for household chores.


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