What is The Reason for Having an Epileptic Shock? Know its Symptoms

Today we are topic is What is the reason for having an Epileptic Shock? Know its symptoms so An epileptic seizure produces abnormal waves. Due to disturbances in the brain, epileptic seizures occur again and again.


When epileptic seizures occur, the brain loses its balance. And the body seems to falter all of a sudden. It is tough to detect the actual symptoms of Epilepsy in patients with Epilepsy. Epilepsy can occur for many reasons. An injury to the brain can lead to a concussion.


High fever and severe illnesses such as heart disease can also cause epileptic seizures. In people over the age of 35, this disease occurs due to stroke. When the blood supply cannot reach the brain, epileptic seizures can occur. This disease depends on which part of the brain is not getting a good blood supply.


Epilepsy can also occur when there is a lack of oxygen in the brain. When there is a lack of oxygen in the blood, epileptic seizures occur.


What are the leading causes of Epilepsy Shock-


Due to abnormal and regular electrical transmission and projection inside the millions of neurons found in the brain, there is a very rapid contraction in the body’s skeletal muscles, due to which the body parts become stiff. Due to this, there is a spasm in the muscles.


Major causes of Epilepsy

Major causes of Epilepsy
Major causes of Epilepsy
  1. Undifferentiated Metabolism
  2. Lack of blood sugar, lack of calcium in the body, excess of uric acid in the urine, lack of oxygen in the blood, etc.
  3. Infection
  4. Alcohol, Drugs
  5. Defects of blood flow,
  6. any head injury tumor,


In about half of the patients with Epilepsy, the cause of Epilepsy is not recognized. For the rest of the people who are there, the wiki is traced to the reasons that arise in them, like-


1. Genetic Effect-


These effects have been passed down through the generations and are traced back to Epilepsy. And these causes are classified by the part of the brain affected.


2. Head injury-


Epileptic seizures can also occur due to a head injury or other accident.


3. State of the brain-

State of the brain
State of the brain

If there is an injury to the brain, an epileptic seizure can start. Epilepsy is more common in people over the age of 35.


Can Epilepsy Shock live an everyday life –


If any person has epileptic seizures, his life becomes a little complicated. Because epileptic attack never comes by asking. Epilepsy seizures start coming anywhere at any time, due to which the person suffers a lot. When there is a minor disturbance in the body, we cannot call it an epileptic attack; when the two appear again and again in children or adults, there is more of a problem. In such a situation, contact the doctor directly. So that we can handle this situation before it gets worse. Epilepsy is found in one child out of 200 children. Epilepsy is not a tiny disease; it is a significant disease that spoils the person wholly. That is why it is essential to get it treated at the right time.


Is Epilepsy a severe condition-


Epilepsy is a severe disease that can come to a person anywhere. When a person has regular seizures, we cannot call it Epilepsy. But when a person has been attacked, again and again, it is a state of Epilepsy; it is necessary to see the doctor as soon as possible. Epilepsy dramatically affects the brain.


If the blood supply to the brain is not good, then epileptic seizures start. Many people have epileptic attacks only once in their life; when it happens once, it is not a severe disease, but when Epilepsy comes, again and again, it becomes a severe disease, which is very important to get treated.


It is essential to know which part of the brain is affected by Epilepsy, and a scan is used to detect it.


Symptoms of Epilepsy-


When the epileptic patient has seizures, he is already aware of the epileptic seizures. But sometimes, epileptic seizures come on suddenly. When the patient has a concussion, he suddenly becomes unconscious. His body parts start trembling. And foam starts coming out of the mouth. Sometimes the patient’s eyes remain open, and he is unaware. The patient begins biting his tongue and also urinates in a state of unconsciousness. An epileptic seizure can last for a few seconds or even a few minutes.


After this, the patient gradually regains consciousness, and due to tiredness, he falls asleep. Whenever someone has an epileptic attack, a towel should be placed in his mouth so that he does not bite his tongue.

epilepsy therapy


1. Naturopathy-


Do a fasting, juice, and fruit diet to remove the disease from the root. Periodic bath, dry friction bath obtained with diet, and in the evening, a deep bath, spinal bath, or earthen bandage should be applied on the pelvis.


Oil should be massaged on your body in the sun for half an hour every day. After massaging, you should reach your whole body by rubbing it with a towel. After this one should take a bath.


Apply two-three minutes of hot and two-three minutes of cold bandages on the spine repeatedly, with cold and hot applications.

The patient should drink eight doses of 50-50 grams of sun-heated water in a sky-colored bottle. When the patient has an epileptic attack, in a state of unconsciousness, the water of this bottle should be sprinkled on his mouth and given to him. And keep a cloth bandage soaked in the same water on the forehead and change it again and again.


2. Prakshayog therapy-


Asanas – Pawanmuktasana, Sarvangasana, Shashankasana, Suptavajrasana.

Pranayama-Mulbandha with subtle bhastrika nasamukha pranayama.

The focus of white color on the prefrontal.

Appreciation – Suggestion of health of the brain.


Before doing any of these asanas and pranayama, consult a doctor.

Do any of these therapies under the supervision of a yoga teacher or doctor; do not do it alone at home. You can get the most out of these asanas when done under the supervision of a yoga teacher.


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