Enema Kits for Constipation at Home Enema Kit

Enema for Constipation at Home Enema Kit

Enema is considered very useful when at home. Enema kits proves to be very helpful in removing chronic constipation. It increases energy and relieves sleeplessness.

Enema is a health procedure that is used before the treatment of chronic disease.

Enema cleans the accumulated dirt inside the large intestine and stomach. Fluid is injected into the lower intestine through the anus of the victim, due to which the stomach parts are unable to reach the water ultimately. That water is delivered through an enema, so the stomach is completely cleaned. By doing this, the stool is thrown out.

Nowadays, 70% of people have the problem of constipation; this problem is mainly caused by eating fast food and food with more oil and spices. By eating such things, their digestion is not done well, and gradually these things start accumulating in the intestines, which causes diseases. Begins. If the stomach is not clean, then conditions will start.

When you use an enema, remember that it is beneficial to use it during fasting. Because the stomach remains empty at the time of fasting, the belly becomes completely clean by using an enema, and the glow and stains on the face are also removed.

Use enema in fasting-

Use enema in fasting
Use enema in fasting

When an enema is used during fasting, the extra fat is also easily reduced, the face improves, and chronic constipation can be eliminated by enema. This is a straightforward system by which all the intestines are cleaned; using an enema on a hungry stomach gives more benefit. That is why using an enema during fasting quickly removes the stool lying inside the body; the body becomes healthy and pure.

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Enema Kit-

Enema Kit
Enema Kit

You will get the Enema Kit quickly at any store; this kit is also available online. Enema can be used by purchasing an enema kit. Otherwise, you can also get it done by a doctor. The enema kit consists of a container that is connected to a tube. This container contains fluid.

How to use Enema Kit-

How to use Enema Kit
How to use Enema Kit

Anyone whose hands can easily reach the back of his arm can take the enema by himself. Enemas are easier to use by themselves. The things to keep in mind in this are that.  

  • The water should be normal hot.
  • The water should be plain.
  • The enema should be used in dog poses.
  • Cold water is not used for taking enemas.
  • The enema should always be used on a hungry stomach.
  • Enema can also be used in the evening, but it gives less benefit.
  • Water should not be used too much in using an enema; with a little water, the whole stomach becomes clean.
  • After applying the enema, it is necessary to hold it for 10 minutes or 15 minutes so that the intestines get cleaned in a good way.
  • After taking the enema, stay in the same position for 5 minutes in the situation in which you have Animalia.
  • After holding the position for 5 minutes, stand up and walk for 15 minutes. And keep moving the hand slowly on the navel.

How often can I do an enema while pregnant –

How often can I do an enema while pregnant
How often can I do an enema while pregnant

It is unsafe to take enemas during pregnancy, especially in the first and third months. Taking an enema in the first month carries the risk of miscarriage. And taking an enema in the third month can cause labor pain.

Enema is used to relieve constipation problems in pregnant women. This enema is given to clear the mind before delivery, but pregnant women are given an enema only by the doctor. Pregnant women themselves should not use enemas because it is hazardous.

Benefits of taking enema-

Benefits of taking enema
Benefits of taking enema

All diseases related to the stomach can be easily removed by taking an enema.

  1. Clean the body from the inside – With an enema, the body looks clean and disease-free, and beautiful.
  2. Helpful in purifying the blood- By taking an enema, all the body’s intestines remain clean, and the blood also becomes clean; due to the pure blood, the face starts glowing, and diseases do not occur inside the body.
  3. Relieve from constipation- When can be quickly relieved by enema. The most significant advantage of an enema is that it quickly eliminates constipation, the root of all diseases. And along with this, the cleaning of all the intestines also gets done well.
  4. Remove physical and mental diseases- When the body is cleansed from the inside, it starts to remain healthy, and all conditions are cured. The body becomes physically and mentally fit because all diseases originate from the stomach. If the stomach is not clean, the person will not be physically and mentally fit. Enema


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