Chrissy Metz Shares Her Weight Loss Journey

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Chrissy Metz Shares Her Weight Loss Journey

When Chrissy Metz was first cast in the NBC drama This Is Us, she was told to gain weight so she would look more like her character, Kate Pearson. Unfortunately, she gained too much weight and struggled to lose it again. But Metz didn’t let that stop her from finding success, and now, as the season 3 premiere approaches, fans can learn about Chrissy Metz’s weight loss journey by reading her new book.

What Was The Turning Point For Chrissy?

To lose 100 pounds in five months takes a lot of work. Chrissy’s turning point started at that day where she got fired from an audition for not being skinny enough. She didn’t want to hear that she wasn’t good enough because of her size and decided to make a change for herself. She wanted to be healthier, happier, and more confident about her body which is why she set out on a journey to losing 100 pounds in five months. Little did she know, but by changing what was inside of her, it would eventually change who Chrissy was as a person on both the inside and outside.

How Did She Maintain Motivation?

Chrissy said that she was motivated by her daughter, who meant everything to her. She also said that no matter what she will never forget where she comes from and who loves her no matter what. She also said: I wasn’t really active before I lost all of my weight, so it’s been an incredible journey to get in shape. [For me] it’s more about exercising for my health and getting stronger than losing weight.

What Was The Diet Like?

Chrissy has been very open about her weight loss journey, and she’s talked about what it was like to lose all that weight quickly. Chrissy’s diet is pretty simple: she eats 2,000 calories a day and walks for 20 minutes every morning. She also avoids sugar at all costs—if you’re going to follow in Chrissy’s footsteps, do not eat sugar! This means no sugar-sweetened beverages (regular or diet) as well as no sweets.

What Are Some Challenges Chrissy Encountered During Her Weight Loss Journey?

Chrissy had a few challenges during her weight loss journey. Well, I had some dark moments, she said. I was binge eating… We all go through that point in our lives where we feel like, ‘How did I get here? How am I going to fix it?’ You figure out how to get up again and move forward. You think about your worth as a person – not just from what you look like but how you feel inside, too.


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