8 Day Yoga Challenge- A Beginners Guide to Flexibility

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8 Day Yoga Challenge- A Beginner’s Guide to Flexibility

Hey guys today our topic is 8 Day Yoga Challenge– A Beginners Guide to Flexibility so Two decades of yoga practice have taught us one thing: everyone wants flexibility in their life, but not everyone has it! The 30 Day of Yoga Challenge provides you with everything you need to start your journey into flexibility and an improved quality of life. If you want to stay active and healthy, this challenge offers accessible poses that the beginner can explore, accessible poses that inflexible people can safely try, and daily practices that will improve your health in less than a month! So what are you waiting for? Don’t be stuck feeling stuck! Let’s get started on Day 1 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge today!

1) 30 Day of Yoga Challenge – Introduction

One thing that can be difficult is attaining a nice amount of flexibility. Many people have pointed out that it’s easier to get strong than flexible, and while working on your strength training over time will increase flexibility as well, there are times when you might need to work on specific stretches just for flexibility’s sake. The following 8 day yoga challenge will help you become more flexible through a series of safe and accessible poses which you can complete daily.

2) Day 1 – Downward Facing Dog Pose

Though not a commonly known yoga pose, Downward Facing Dog is actually one of the most powerful stretches you can do. In fact, we’re willing to bet that Downward Facing Dog will quickly become your favorite (and easiest) stretch.

3) Day 2 – Forward Fold with a Twist

This week’s flexibility challenge is a forward fold with a twist, says Fahr. Take a full inhale, then exhale and bring your torso as far forward as possible, she says. When you reach your max, bend your knees and bring your hands toward your shins. Your head should be in line with your back, not tilted forward or backward.

4) Day 3 – Lunge with Overhead Reach

The lunge with overhead reach is a great way to open up your hips, increasing your ability to flexibly laterally rotate. The pose challenges both balance and flexibility. Start in downward facing dog and step your right foot between your hands. Your right knee should be directly over your ankle and as close to touching your left hand as possible. Straighten both legs as much as you can while lifting up into Downward Facing Dog.

5)Day 4 – Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend

Seated forward bends are one of my favorite poses, but they can be tough on inflexible hamstrings. Seated wide angle forward bend is a variation that’s easier to approach and less likely to strain your legs. As an added bonus, it also stretches your chest and upper back.

6) Day 5 – Extended Puppy Pose

Stretch Your Hips and Thighs Extended Puppy Pose is great for people with tight hips. The posture also stretches your spine, shoulders, arms, chest, hamstrings and calves. It is a wonderful restorative pose that will help you feel refreshed after a long day of work. The posture also stimulates abdominal organs and relaxes your nervous system. If you suffer from stress or anxiety it will help you calm down and put things in perspective.

7) Day 6 – Supine Spinal Twist

Lie down on your back. Place a blanket under your knees and let them fall open. Bring your arms by your sides with palms facing down. Turn your head to one side and rest it on that hand while extending its opposite arm over your head. Release any tension from here and allow yourself to relax deeply into each breath as you stay in pose for 3 – 5 breaths, or longer if you’d like, letting go of any tension along with each exhale.

8) Day 7 – Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is a great way to relax. It stretches both hamstrings and back muscles, and can also open up tight shoulders. Start on your hands and knees, with your knees under your hips, wrists directly below shoulders, palms facing down. Step one foot forward between your hands and drop that knee towards or even slightly past your heel. The other leg will be straight back behind you with foot flexed.

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